Quantify Your Strategy


MGT Management is a boutique consulting company located in the south central coastal province of Ninh Thuan, Vietnam. The consultants specialize in three areas:

1.  Investment in Vietnam coastal tourism.

With 14 years of experience in Vietnam and 9 years of coastal development consulting, MGT Management understands where Vietnam's tourism has been and where it is going.  We've helped clients from land selection to the search for financing, and through development and business planning.

If you are interested in investing in Ninh Thuan Province, we can provide local knowledge, introductions to the most reliable professional service providers, translation, government licenses, introduction to key people, strategy, and land procurement.  We save our clients time, money, and energy.

2.  Research and Analysis Reports

Our clients include private equity and hedge funds from around the world who are interested in specific Vietnamese industries and markets.  We do the research, include our analysis, and customize the deliverables to our clients' needs.

3.  Valuation Models, pro-forma financial modeling, and business planning

MGT Management's Director has over 25 years of financial modeling and business plan writing experience.  Whether looking for financing or trying to understand your business better, our customized models will allow you and your investors understand how to make decisions that increase cash flow and value.  Our specialty is discounted cash flow valuation models that allow users to easily test key variables and assumptions and get instant feedback on the value added or subtracted.