As an independent boutique consulting firm, MGT Management Consulting can tailor our products for your needs.  Our firm offers a wide variety of services for potential investors looking to Ninh Thuan Province's many opportunities.  We have a database of projects looking for investors or a buyer.  We can also research and find specific investment opportunities for you.

Once the investment process has started, you will need to know who to talk with, what the risks are, how to proceed with licenses and permits, change in Land Use Rights types, and many more time consuming details.  MGT can be your local office in Ninh Thuan, saving time and travel costs for your staff.

We can make introductions to key government personnel as well as sit in on the meeting and provide translation services.  Most government officials you need to meet with conduct their business in Vietnamese so it is important to have a translator who represents your interests.  For legal due diligence and other important matters, we have an affiliation with Asia Counsel, a top law firm in Ho Chi Minh City that has represented a wide range of clients who invested in Ninh Thuan.

General Pricing Guidelines:

Written translations from Vietnamese to English - $10/hr

Oral translation during meetings - $20/hr

Site selection (with vehicle) - $20/hr

Representation in meetings - $20/hr

Research and analysis report of your business plan - $30/hr

Pro-Forma Financial Statements - $40/hr

Management Financial Models - $40/hr

Business plans - Fixed price to be agreed upon

Documents for finding investors/buyers - $40/hr

Due Diligence services - To be agreed upon and may include additional legal fees.

Finding investor/buyer - 4% commission

Finding a project to invest in/land acquisition . - 2% commission (includes translation and documentation fees but not due diligence).

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